DISCIPLIGN™ Belt Guide – The self-energized Belt Guide

– DISCIPLIGN, when built into conveyors or special machinery, provides accurate, continuous, automatic alignment of wide, flat belts.

– DISCIPLIGN is completely mechanical and self energized, no external power source is required.

– DISCIPLIGN is especially suited for use on belt systems of short head-to-tail center distances ranging from less than two feet to 30 feet or more and widths to 96 inches or wider.

– DISCIPLIGN reduces costly belt maintenance and downtime by minimizing edge wear.

– DISCIPLIGN provides precision guiding of payload.

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The aligning system to guide a conveyor belt over a nose bar.

– The RJS NOSE GUIDE ASSEMBLY combines a conveyor nose bar with the RJS Disciplign Belt Guide to provide in one package a self-energized belt-guiding nose bar.

– Supplied assembled to any belt width ranging from 12 inches (305mm) to 52 inches (1321mm) as selected by the end user, NOSE GUIDE ASSEMBLY provides a convenient means for the conveyor designer to incorporate a nose bar into his conveyor system either as a retrofit or in a new design and thereby minimize the problem of off-tracking of the belt.

– NOSE GUIDE ASSEMBLY for belt widths exceeding 52 inches (1321mm) will be considered on a case by case basis.

– Intended for operation with thin belts, the NOSE GUIDE ASSEMBLY is provided with a Size 3 Disciplign Guide especially designed for good response to such belts. The belt may travel in either direction.

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