RJS Corporation has been a supplier to the tire industry for over 65 years, manufacturing a variety of supporting machinery for the manufacture of tires.


RJS first began the manufacture of wire pullout tension controllers in 1962, selling first to the reinforced hose industry. With the advent of the steel cord radial tire in the United States around 1972, RJS applied its skills toward producing a practical steel cord tensioning device which has been accepted by the tire industry all over the world.


During the past forty years, RJS has improved and expanded upon its line and now offers a selection of wire tension controllers to suit every conceivable requirement of the industry, as well as many useful accessories and devices to reduce creeling time and improve creel room operating conditions.


Many thousands of individual tension controllers have been delivered as well as hundreds of complete systems. All types of frames, many kinds of cord organizing mechanisms, several methods of creel shifting, problem detecting devices, and accessories of various types have been designed and manufactured by RJS Corporation, and continue to be offered.


For further information on the line of RJS creel equipment, click to view or download the following bulletins:

Tension Controllers

Air Balance Creel Loader

Spool Grasping Device

Quick-Thread Organizer

Large Size Quick-Thread Organizer

Wire Pull-Out Stand

Scrap Winder

Steel Cord Splice Presses

Steel Cord Splice Presses

Air Control Consoles